Fish Lake Country Club | 9 Hole | Drone Tour

Hole #1

Hole #1 is a par 3 that measures a mere 115 yards, but features a forced carry over a pond, which give you trouble if you are rusty! A beautiful opening hole to start off your round.

Hole #2

Hole #2 is a straight-forward par four at 300 yards. Trouble lurks short and left by way of heavy rough, as well as a mound guarding and approach from the right.

Hole #3

Hole #3 is 317 yards, it seems to easy. However, a severely sloping right half of the fairway pushes balls into the rough, or, worse yet, OB. Thick rough to the left is the safe play, but brings poor lies and trees into play.

Hole #4

Hole #4, at 400 yards, is a hole where birdie is on the mind. Many a birdie hope is dashed by OB to the right and trees with thick rough to the left. If your ball does find the fairway, you find an approach to a green that is guarded by OB to the right and a pond to the left.

Hole #5

Hole #5 is a mere 383 yards, and this is definitely a birdie opportunity, if you can avoid OB to the right and thick rough to the left. Duffed tee shots will find the creek short.

Hole #6

Hole #6 is the great equalizer at FLCC. The 200 yard hole features thick rough left and long, as well as short and right. It is guarded by mounds in the front, and it slopes off dramatically in the back. Par is a very good score on this hole, and it is the #1 handicap hole at Fish Lake.

Hole #7

Hole #7 is a 345-yard par four should be fairly straight-forward, but rates as the #2 handicap hole. It feature a forced water carry, and is uphill until the 100-yard marker. Rough and trees on either side of the fairway, as well as water guarding the left half of the green, makes for a challenging hole.

Hole #8

Hole #8 is a par five that measures 465 yards, but is a challenging birdie hole. To drive the water requires a 300 yard carry, so most people have to lay up. Then, its a 200 yard-plus approach, uphill, over water.

Hole #9

Hole #9, par 4 , 319 yards. This is a drive-able par 4, if you have the guts. With OB on the right, and the left side of the fairway sloping towards the water, it tests your mettle. Many a good rounds of golf were wrecked by this treacherous finishing hole!